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I'm currently taking a break from packing up my room at university. I didn't realise quite how much I had until we started putting it in boxes. It piled up really quickly, but luckily I have a big van to take it all home it tomorrow. So the only problem will be trying to fit it all into my new small bedroom. That should be... fun.

It's an emotional process though. This place has been more of a home to me than anywhere else for the last two years and having to give it up, and to give up the freedom it has allowed me is really upsetting. It feels like I should have longer here. The three years have flown by so fast and I just don't feel like I'm done yet.

I had a lot more to say about my dad, and fandom things and the SDCC panels from the weekend, and I wrote all about that in an entry last night, but when I went to post it, I got the LJ maintenance screen and I lost everything. Sigh. I will get around to writing it up again this weekend, though, because my mum will be working and I'll finally have some time to myself.

I hope you guys are all okay. I have been so bad at keeping up with my flist the past week or so. I have been reading, but I haven't commented a lot. But hopefully I'll have time for that this weekend too :)

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