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castle fic: speaking in tongues

he says it again.
castle | 201 words | k | castle/beckett
notes: for a challenge at castleland in which i came joint second! :)

He says it again.

(She was beginning to think he never would.)

She’s clinging to him, arms wound around his neck, her body flush with his and he’s hugging her back just as tightly. Another close call has left them shaken. It’s been fifteen minutes and she still can’t seem to get her breathing under control, these big gasping sobs keep breaking free and she buries her face into his neck. She wants to be closer. His lips brush her temple, once, twice and then there are his words at her ear.

“I love you.”

She feels his lips at her ear, moving against her skin, as he says it again.

“Kate, I love you. I lo-” She cuts him off. She wants him to know, wants so badly for him to know that she feels the same way, but she’s not ready for those words. Not yet.

“Volim te,” she says back instead. “Je tebe volim. Imajte na umu da. Volim te.”

It’s the best she can do. He doesn’t speak Croatian, so she knows he doesn’t really understand the words, but something about the way he’s holding her closer makes her think that he understands the meaning behind them anyway.

Translation: “I love you. I love you too. Please know that. I love you.”

Tags: fic, fic: castle, lj: landcomms, ship: castle/beckett
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