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two thousand and sixteen: fanfiction

Okay, so I'm going to try something new.

I've been terrible at reading actual books in the last few years, but I'm always reading fanfic. Like a ridiculous amount of it. So I thought I would try and keep a record of the fics I read in 2016, or at least the best ones, so I have some idea of how much I actually read in a year.

UPDATE: All attempts at keeping this in chronologial order have gone out the window. There's a chance I read too much fic.

title - author
words | rating | ship, characters


The Aim of Waking - Cartographical
When he stumbles through the darkened living room and opens the door, Beckett is standing there. Beckett, in faded jeans and a black button-down. Beckett, carrying a bottle of wine.
7838 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett

if you try sometimes - airbefore
Sweat beads across her forehead as Kate jerks awake for the fourth time, too vibrant images of his mangled body lingering in her wine soaked brain. Awake or asleep, she can't escape it.
12303 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett

The Last Battle - chezchuckles
Series Finale Fic. Takes place directly after the violent events in the Castle kitchen and spans the period of time directly after.
15143 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett, alexis, martha, jim, ryan, espo, haley

The Great Story - chezchuckles
A continuation of 'The Last Battle'. Beckett and Castle, after surviving the season finale, must work to create the home they dream of. Two of three.
25757 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett, alexis, martha, jim

Inherited Traits III - chezchuckles
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. -Anais Nin. Castle and Beckett have their first date. Set early season four. Might need to read the first two in this series.
7388 | m | castle/beckett, castle, beckett

Love Boat - chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter
Beckett and Castle are assigned to work a case undercover.
34845 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett


Juice Cups and Coffee Mugs - chezchuckles
Three of three in The Last Battle trilogy. Beckett and Castle return to New York City to resume a life interrupted. A post finale fic.
20899 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett

Accept No Substitutes - chezchuckles and jstar1382
An AU version of the Nikki Heat episode. "How could he ever settle for a generic substitute when the original graced him with her presence every day?"
5828 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett

such a happiness - airbefore
Photographer Kate Beckett and aspiring novelist Rick Rodgers are perfectly content in their solitary lives. But it's only after an unlikely matchmaker conspires to have them meet that they realize how extraordinary their lives could become.
57646 | t | castle/beckett, castle, beckett, johanna


My Head is Full of Magic, Baby - everytimeyougo
"Some doctor you are, Cameron. Do I look dead to you?"
14391 | teen | house/cameron, house, cameron

The Difference - everytimeyougo
You knew from the start a relationship with her could only end in disaster. You've never been one for making good choices.
23500 | teen | house/cameron, house, cameron

Anamnesis - everytimeyougo
"More than twenty years clean and sober and you still fear falling again into the darkness of those days with the primal, visceral terror of an aquaphobe on a small leaky boat in the middle of a choppy sea." Follow up to The Difference.
5635 | teen | house/cameron, house, cameron

[jane the virgin]

#Rogeliban - fiercynn
Reply from @feministfaolan
god they would be the cutest couple #Rogeliban

Reply from @RogelioDeLaVega
Wait what????

3815 words | general audiences | rogelio, jane, xo, esteban, michael

[once upon a time]ONCE UPON A TIME

all the scrapes on our knees - insanetwin
Henry is still learning how his family all fits together, especially now with Emma dark and his Mom so sad. They learn new ways to make it work.
2858 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

mise en abyme - coalitiongirl
Regina says, her hands back on her lap, “I thought we were going to beat fate,” and Emma trembles like Neal does before he starts on a crying jag, her breathing quick and ragged.

“I miss you,” Emma says, her voice small, and Regina closes her eyes for a long moment and doesn’t move.

9921 words | general audiences | regina/emma, regina, emma, zelena, snow, david, hook, ruby, belle

i was ready to die for you (doesn't mean i'm ready to stay) - insanetwin
Henry wakes up too early, his mom sleeping in the chair she used to when things were going wrong and nobody could sleep.
2512 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

swallowed in the sea - insanetwin
It's been six weeks. Some things have changed, and some things have remained completely the same.
5510 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, hook

this must be the place - insanetwin
Emma is searching for a home. She finds one.
14490 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma

Everything that once was lost - darkersky
"Mom? Moms? You are both here."

"Of course we are both here."

2075 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

It’s about time you got another girl’s lipstick on you, Emma - Skye_La
Emma's not lazy, she just doesn't really go to class. Her housemate brings home a friend who might just change her mind about that.
1381 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, ruby, lancelot

Mischief Managed (or the time Professor Mills vowed to destroy Professor Swan for the crime of giving her son detention) - amycarey
When Emma Swan actually follows Hogwarts protocol for once and gives Henry Mills a detention, his mother vows to destroy her if it’s the last thing she does.

OR what happens when you get two pig-headed Gryffindors with a tumultuous history and an inability to know when to stop.

3287 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

Even Superman coordinates his primary colors (but your legs sure look nice in those tights) - coalitiongirl
She is not going to swoon. She’s the mayor of Storybrooke City and she’ll be damned if Superman Lite gets anything from her. But it’s a challenge not to swoon at least a little when she’s being flown bridal-style across her city, the woman’s arms– strong arms, has she mentioned that yet? Because wow– loose but firm around her. Regina is breathless and frustrated and breathless and the woman knows it.

She quirks a grin at Regina’s glare and says, “Madam Mayor, it’s been a long-standing fantasy of mine to sweep you off your feet.”

23775 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

mistletoe is a crock of shit (99 percent of the time) - deceptivelycomplex3925
“Oh, come on, Regina. One present before bed.”

She’s receiving about eight pairs of puppy dog eyes and honestly, this is completely unfair. There are rules to Christmas. One of the most prominent being you don’t open the presents until Christmas morning. But this – everyone around her – they’re her family. Her family. So –

“One present,” she relents, sighing like it’s an incredible imposition on her part. It’s not. But she has to keep up appearances. She can’t be seen as the pushover. Even if that’s exactly what she is when it comes to those she loves.

4995 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, zelena, snow

of sparrows and shel silverstein - deceptivelycomplex3925
Emma's brows arches. “Shel Silverstein, huh?”

To her absolute irritation and horror, Regina finds herself blushing under the clearly amused gaze.

“Oh. Yes. My son…it’s his favorite.”

1831 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma

somehow i'll see it through - deceptivelycomplex3925
Emma’s never more careful than she is on Tuesdays, when she’s dressed in clothes worth at least five times as much as everything she’s ever owned put together.
13434 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, ruby, belle

A Lion Tattoo - queenssaviour
Honestly, if a certain type of tattoo is what’s required to be the center of Regina’s affections, she might as well get one herself. Not that she’d like to be that person in the first place. She and Regina Mills? What an absurd idea.
2454 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma

Who Needs Shelter - deemn
Two years post-S2 Finale. Storybrooke has settled back into the routines of small town life and no one is really willing to shatter the illusion that everything is just fine.
44908 words | m | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, snow, david, kathryn, mulan

catching on (a little bit of summer) - deemn
Nobody knows anything. Until they do, of course.

(Part of the catching on series)

3835 words | t | regina/emma, regina, emma, marco, paige

Halfway There - deemn
His mom has Big Dreams for him and apparently has always had Big Dreams for him because he has a college fund that makes Emma nauseous to talk about.

(Part of the catching on series)

1950 words | t | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

hate to get the seats in the benz messed (so let's take the bug instead) - deemn
Five times they get caught making out. And one time they give no fucks at all.

(Part of the catching on series)

5009 words | t | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, snow, granny, frederick

vision by the sea side - deemn
But when they do sit down, and she does break it down into small, understandable steps, puts them together so he can see how and not just what the hell—and somehow Emma knows to just let his mom talk, somehow Emma hangs on every word just like he does—he sees it. Like the tide. Rising up the whole afternoon but he hadn’t been looking.

(Part of the catching on series)

2639 words | t | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

the math doesn't change - deemn
Emma and Henry are back, but don't remember. Regina attempts to jog their memories. Misunderstandings ensue.
1423 words | t | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

longing will snag itself on the reeds - Insanetwin
One day the dead wake up to return to their families. Zombie AU.
66229 words | e | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, zelena, cora, billy, snow, david, neal, graham

Where You Go, We Follow - misscanteloupe
Emma runs away. Regina and Henry follow.
4915 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

like we are fools - bringyouhometoo
About a month after they get home, things start getting weird.

(Or, Five Times Regina Mills Thinks Emma Swan Might Be Having a Bit of a Meltdown.)

8334 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma

Prism - coalitiongirl
Soulmate AU where you see the world in black-and-white until you meet your soulmate. Regina Mills meets two people at once at the moment she first sees in color, makes the wrong choice, and falls in love with the right one anyway.
8334 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, robin

Say Something (I'm giving up on you) - coalitiongirl
Emma’s hands land on hers, her eyes wide and her chin trembling. “Regina,” she whispers. “Regina, please–“

Oh, damn. Regina hadn’t been supposed to say any of that. “What do you want from me?” she grinds out.

Emma shuts her eyes and then opens them again, cool green flashing in the dim light. “I wanted you to say something,” she says fiercely. “Anything. Dammit, we’ve had this thing between us for years and you never said a word. I pushed off this wedding a year and you…helped me pick out a hall, Regina, what the hell was I supposed to want from you?”

7828 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, zelena, snow, hook

A house is not a home - coalitiongirl
Peter Pan managed to cast his curse on Storybrooke during Going Home. Six months later, the Swan-Mills family breaks the curse and discovers that they'd never been a family at all; that Emma and Regina had never fallen in love; and that they can't quite let go of the lie that had been their happy ending.
36000 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, archie, marco, august, kathryn, peter pan

Daylight - coalitiongirl
They won't even make eye contact in the daylight anymore; but under the cover of darkness, they whisper the truths they've never said.
12064 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, zelena, hook, snow

Shuffle Me A Ninth Life - belikebumblebee
In which Regina says no and then changes her mind, Emma is in love with Regina like it's a full-time job, and Henry really likes snapchat. Twelve months.
3714 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

Sweet As The Punch - belikebumblebee
This is a story about falling in love, and hitting every cliché branch of the pining tree on the way down.
5264 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

a dissertation on the merits of hating your hot roommate - goon
You’re a pain in my ass, Emma almost says, and thinks better of it. Of the two hundred or so days she’s to spend cooped up with Regina Mills, at least one or two might be spent civilly and conjointly ignoring each other.

(AU: Emma Swan goes to college and gets a roommate).

29282 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, ruby, graham, kathryn, snow, neal

what you thought you had to do - Hoovahhoopah
It isn’t until they stop somewhere in Massachusetts that either of them say anything at all. They’re sitting in the bug, in the parking lot of some highway diner, and Emma can’t stand the silence. She can’t stand it, because she’s only been trying to take care of the both of them. To be fair, not really, and to be fair, not well.

in which Emma tries to make things fit. in the wrong way.

(Part of the ill fitting pieces series)

5352 words | teen | regina/emma, regina/robin, regina, emma, henry, robin, roland

something like home - Hoovahhoopah
“You’re in town?” Regina’s voice is unexpected and harsh and Emma cringes. Small town gossip makes big town news and she should have known.

in which emma is still trying to make things fit. in not necessarily the wrong way.

(Part of the ill fitting pieces series)

7848 words | teen | regina/emma, regina/robin, regina, emma, henry, robin

something like happiness - Hoovahhoopah
The invitation sits unopened on the kitchen table. Henry is aware of it, too aware, but he doesn’t say anything about it. They both know what it is.

Regina gets married. Emma starts to let go. Maybe.

(Part of the ill fitting pieces series)

4714 words | teen | regina/emma, regina/robin, regina, emma, henry, robin, roland

wherever it may be - Hoovahhoopah
Regina and Robin have been married for two and a half months now. Their thank you notes were signed Robin and Regina. But the return address said The Locksleys.

Emma tries not to think about it. Because she promised Regina she’d do better, she’d be better.

She has been better. For two and a half months, she’s been better.

(Part of the ill fitting pieces series)

6386 words | teen | regina/emma, regina/robin, regina, emma, robin

almost forgiveness - Hoovahhoopah
It’s not that she hasn’t seen Regina since New Year’s Eve, she has, plenty of times, walking down Main, at Granny’s, the occasional town meeting. It’s just that they haven’t spoken. They haven’t spoken, and there’s always at least one other person in the equation, an excuse.

They're working on it.

(Part of the ill fitting pieces series)

3809 words | teen | regina/emma, regina/robin, regina, emma, david

mrs. locksley, i suppose - Hoovahhoopah
“You’re not blind, Robin!” Regina turns to face him, jerks her arm from his grasp. “You sit back, step back, and you watch. You see the way she looks at me.” her right hand comes up, gestures to Emma in the doorway. “The way I look at her. And you do nothing. You invite her into our home, into your camp, as if it’s some sort of — and now you want to have kids?” Regina’s voice goes up, not down, and it’s panic. Panic and loss, and something verging on hysteria.

(Part of the ill fitting pieces series)

9308 words | teen | regina/emma, regina/robin, regina, emma, henry, robin

it takes two to tango, and other dance cliches - wistfulwatcher
“Hey,” Regina hears from behind her, and when she turns she sees Emma standing there, hands stuffed in her back pockets. “So I guess it’s you and me?” Looking around, she sees that the entire rest of the class has in fact partnered up. Emma doesn’t look very promising, but considering her only other real option is to continue practicing on her own in front of a dozen or so other adults, it seems Emma will have to do.
37175 words | e | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, snow, marian, kathryn, ruby

Right There All the Time - devje
His mothers are obviously in love and totally married in everything but name, so why is Henry the only one in their house who knows this? His moms don't even seem to have noticed that Mom kisses Emma on the cheek every morning when she leaves for work.

Every. Single. Morning.

28345 words | general | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

Valentine - devje
It’s only their regular Sunday dinner. It’s just that this Sunday happens to be a special day.
3666 words | general | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, ruby, kathryn

Titanic - darkersky
Neverland is a place that runs on imagination, but ever since they came back, everything has continued being strangely dream-like. Neverland meant being constantly on the edge, like in a particularly vivid nightmare, but now all the edges seem to have disappeared.

Or: The story in which everyone is sort of jealous without knowing why.

11693 words | general | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, neal, snow

Oddish Little Thing Called Love - coalitiongirl
Our Pokémon gym. It’s not quite our son, but it still makes Emma’s heart flutter a tiny bit.
16954 words | general | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

suffer me to go my own dark way - coalitiongirl
Under the extravagant hair and harsh makeup, it’s still Regina’s eyes gazing back at hers. There’s something hard and malicious in them, but the Queen smiles and Emma shivers at the dark melancholy beneath the surface. “She wasted every chance we had with you,” the Queen breathes. “And you would still choose her?”
31653 words | mature | regina/emma, evil queen/emma, evil queen/regina, regina, emma, evil queen, henry, zelena, snow, hook

call it forgiveness with teeth - insanetwin
set after the s5 finale. when people start dying in Storybook, emma's faith in regina is pushed to the test. basically the cricket game set in s6
22910 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, charming, henry

when you love somebody but bite your tongue (all you get is a mouth full of blood) - insanetwin
henry knows something has changed between his moms.
10131 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, snow, charming, lancelot, guinevere

i've tried to resist being last on your list - everdeen
“Well, let’s see…” Regina trails off in thought, even though she knows exactly what she wants, lungs and blood and foolish heart all yearning for the one thing she hasn’t quite managed to obtain for herself. “I think your firstborn child should be adequate payment.”

Her customer’s brow furrows. “My firstborn child?”

Regina inclines her head slightly. “That’s what I said.”

Emma splutters like an old car unwilling to start. “But - I mean - look, lady, I don’t even have a boyfriend -”

“I can wait,” Regina says lightly. It’s true. She’s waited a long time and a couple of years (or decades, as the case may be; Regina isn’t sure Miss Swan is quite the type to settle down with the first man she sets her eyes on) aren’t going to make a huge amount of difference.

or, the one where Regina desperately wants a kid but also ends up desperately wanting Emma Swan but she can't have both because, well, it's really quite complex.

46109 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, ruby, belle, snow, charming

Send Up A Signal (that everything's fine) - insanetwin
Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. Regina Mills is a long-undermined star with a chip on her shoulder and a thousand reasons why she's invested. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight.

Their characters' fanbases, however, have other ideas.

117064 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, cora, rumpelstiltskin, leopold, snow, charming, hook, robin, marion

a million tiny little things - foxbones
emma swan doesn’t seem like the kind of person you’d leave in charge of your kids, but somehow she’s landed the job of nannying the mayor’s son. no matter her rebellious streak, she’s more than a little concerned that she’s breaking the cardinal rule of nannydom: do not, do not, start sleeping with your employer.
73840 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry,


Bring Her Home - SQ_RoundRobin
Cora’s dead. Henry lives with the Charmings. Regina continues spiraling through grief and loss and hatred. Then Emma suddenly falls unconscious and Henry shows up at Regina's door because he needs her help to bring Emma back. Reluctantly, Regina embarks on a wild swan chase through Emma’s mind, a whirlwind of ‘roads‐less‐traveled’ and ‘what‐ifs’ and ‘might‐have‐beens’, in order to bring her home.

A post‐’The Miller’s Daughter’ AU written as a round robin.

32220 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma

Just another brick in the wall - darkersky
The problem with the new gym teacher is that no one knows why Gold hired her. Vice Principal Mills, in particular, is neither amused nor impressed.
12150 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma

step into my office, baby - foxbones
Unofficial Code of Conduct for all BrookeTech employees:

Don't buy coffee for that lady in the power heels and the pencil skirt, even if she looks really good and you're weirdly turned on by how particular she is about her beverage choices.

Because she will absolutely turn you down, and then she'll turn out to be your company's new Executive Director.

As with all things business, Emma Swan continues to learn things the hard way.

23843 words | mature | regina/emma, regina, emma, ruby

origin stories - foxbones
the one where they've got superpowers.

but superheroes aren't heroes anymore, and even rising supervillains can't eclipse the problems of a city on the brink of collapse. emma and regina can't save themselves, but maybe they can save each other. maybe.

4644 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, cora

Cops & Robbers - deemn
"Where you go, we go." Here is a way to build a family.
34790 words | e | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

i'm all bloody knuckles (longing for home) - Insanetwin
This is a story about mothers, children, and time travel. Or alternatively, how Emma Swan finds a place to belong.
66229 words | m | regina/emma, regina, henry

the gusts came around - bringyouhometoo
"He’s happy,” Emma repeats, like it’s a mantra.

“You did that,” Mary Margaret tells her. “You gave him that, Emma. You know that, right?”

Regina is the only one sitting directly next to Emma, which is probably why she’s the only one who catches the way her shoulders tense, just a little. “I know.”

Set five years in the future, in a peaceful Storybrooke where Regina is still Mayor, Henry is looking at college prospectuses, and Emma and Hook are expecting a baby. Everyone's got their happy ending; haven't they?

32426 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, henry, snow, david, hook

Growing Up, Child, Is Just A Matter Of Time - reagancrew
“At last, the infamous Mayor Mills!” Emma’s bright smile slides slowly off her face when his mother shifts uncomfortably at his side, when she returns the Coach’s handshake less than enthusiastically.

“Deputy Swan,” his mom cuts in smoothly. “It’s nice to finally meet you,” but her voice is hard, like cut glass, and Henry knows, without looking that she’s wearing her Mayor face, the one he watches her slip on every morning on their way out the door, and the one he knows she doesn’t take off until just before he climbs into the Mercedes after practice.

26285 words | general | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry

certain as the sun - coalitiongirl
Beauty and the Beast, a retelling: Emma Swan saves a boy and winds up trapped in a castle that has kept its inhabitants imprisoned for twenty-eight years. A rose wilts in the tallest tower of the west wing and a nearby town flourishes, but only one knows the truth...and only one can break her spell.
12077 words | teen | regina/emma, regina, emma, henry, zelena, mulan, snow


Kick Drum Heartbeat - ItinerantPoet
To celebrate a record breaking year the office party finds itself in a bar, with Kara finding it difficult to hide her feelings anymore.
2160 words | teen | cat/kara, cat, kara, winn

Work This Body - kara-lesbihonest
No one knows Cat Grant's favorite form of stress relief is hitting the tennis court at the exclusive Laguna Gloria Country Club in the hills just outside National City. After some friendly "encouragement" (read: shit-talking) from Lois Lane, Cat decides she's sick of the Tribune losing the Charity Invitational to the Daily Planet every year. And why should she lose when she can turn the most powerful girl in the world into her doubles partner?
11300 words | mature | cat/kara, cat, kara, lois

We won't die secret deaths (anymore) - fictorium
Kara has so much still to put to rest. Cat is, surprisingly, the one to help her do just that.

(In which Kara has to do right by her fallen family, and Cat is the one who makes it possible.)

4076 words | teen | cat/kara, cat, kara

what if I never even see you ('cause we're both on a stage) - gertiemcfuzz
It had been like this for a while now.

It’d been three months since her world had fallen apart around her. She’d had the first panic attack as soon as she hit the lobby of CatCo. Headquarters.

15105 words | teen | cat/kara, cat, kara, alex, astra, lucy, hank

got a piece of my mind (to tell you who's mine) - abatnoir
destiny brings them together. it takes its sweet time, but eventually it brings them together.
8757 words | teen | cat/kara, alex/astra, cat, kara, alex, astra

Of Hackers and Hot Coco - gertiemcfuzz
Carter’s plan was pretty well developed, since it was based on three simple truths:

Cat Grant would do whatever it took to be right.

Kara Danvers would do whatever it took to keep her boss happy.

And lastly, Cat Grant hated Lois Lane.

With Alex's help he is confident that his mom and Kara will be together in no time.

8757 words | teen | cat/kara, cat, kara, alex, carter

The Promise - OfEndlessWonder
"Kara swallows again, and Cat can feel the beat of her pulse in her neck against the palm of her hand, frantic and wanting. It’s the way that Kara bites her bottom lip that undoes Cat, the flash of white against pink skin, and in the morning she’ll blame it on the alcohol but she’s never felt more sober as she allows herself a taste of something that she’s wanted for so long she can barely even remember when it began." AKA what might have happened (in my dreams, anyway), if Bizarro had kidnapped Cat instead of James.
20827 words | teen | cat/kara, cat, kara, alex, carter

Asking Too Much - fictorium
Cat needs a date to a party, she convinces Kara to go with her. ("You're my assistant, nobody will think anything of it.")
94,013 words | mature | cat/kara, cat, kara


i will make you queen of everything you see - civilorange
snap shots of a lifetime when kara didn't get knocked into the phantom zone.
131195 words | mature | cat/kara, cat, kara, clark, carter

carter grant, super sleuth - unicyclehippo
snap shots of a lifetime when kara didn't get knocked into the phantom zone.
65272 words | mature | cat/kara, cat, kara, carter, alex

Autopilot - gertiemcfuzz
After Livewire, Cat becomes serious about wanting to make some changes. The first of which is keeping true to her word about getting to know Kara better. Flash forward six months, and their relationship has taken an unexpected turn without either of them realizing it along the way.
8757 words | teen | cat/kara, alex/astra, cat, kara, alex, carter, lucy, winn, james

[the x files]

you and me and gamma-ray bursts - foxbones
Mulder has a toothpick hanging out the side of her mouth. She always seems to be gnawing on something and for some inhuman reason, it manages to make her attractive. Somehow. Scully has chosen to not spend much time thinking about how or why this works.

“Do I disturb you, Scully?”

Scully shoots Mulder a look over her shoulder, but since it’s the end of their junior year and they’re this close to finals and she’s really, really used to her shit by now, she just smiles and narrows her eyes.


7084 words | teen | mulder/scully, mulder, scully


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